Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard

11 May

Recently, you will see alot of website such as Big Deals, Groupon selling vouchers for super cheap prices and of course I was tempted to buy this voucher for this Chinese Restaurant which is famous for it’s Xiao Long Bao. It’s non other than Paradise Dynasty located at Ion.

This is the address:
2 Orchard turn, #04-12A
Ion Orchard

I don’t think reservation over the phone in advance is allowed.. You will need to take a queue no at the counter in front of Paradise Dynasty and tell them table for 2? 4? After that, they will issue you a queue no and you will wait patiently for your no to be shown on the screen. Just to inform you, they don’t go by ascending no, your queue will be called based on the number of pax you had.  For tbale of 2, of course it’s so much faster compare to a big group. Average waiting is about 30-45 mins for a weekday, weekend I think you will need to wait for an 1 hr at least. Just an advise, you should AVOID Lunch n Dinner crowd.


2 Cups of Chinese tea. They have a China Guy who will holds a small kettle and pours the Chinese Tea with a Super long long pipe and Baby claims that he look like he’s peeing.. DAMN ER XIN la..  There’s only 1 of this guy everyday so if you want him to pour you your Chinese tea just like peeing, then wait patiently for him.

We ordered the colorful Xiao Long Bao since it’s their specialty.. 🙂 There’s Ginger, Cheese, Garlic, etc etc.. I love quite a few flavours and cant really make up my mind which one is my BEST FAVOURITE!!

8 colors Xiao Long Bao

Rating for Colorful Xiao Long Bao : 4.5/5

My 2nd favourite – Quo Tie. I seriously you should try their Guo Tie as it’s so yummy and full of soup in it. Crispy and small but soup is damn shiok!

Pork Guo Tie

Rating for Guo Tie : 4.5/5

Char Siew Bao – I’m always not a fan of bao so I didn’t eat it! baby had it and I only had a mouthful 🙂

Char Siew Bao

Sliced Pork La Mian – Noodles is nice, springy and soup based is awesome too coz as it has pork flavor in it. Egg is a PLUS. It’s those japanese soft eggs. You should ordered another serving if you love Japanese Soft Egg. 🙂

Slice Pork La Mian

Rating for Guo Tie : 4/5

Drunken Chicken – YUCKS! DAMN BABY ordered this and the beer in it is so so so super strong! I had a mouthful and feel so awful, feel like vomiting coz of the overwhelming smell plus the very cold chicken. I had another mouthful and it was even even most! DMAN IT! I seriously feel like vomiting out my whole xiao long bao and it just upset my stomach so much 🙁


Some Onion with veg dish. I had an upset stomach and thus I didn’t feel like eating tis 🙁

I Mad love Paradise Dynasty and I seriously can go back DAILY to eat the Xiao Long Bao although  know it’s super fattening! But’s the best Xiao Long Bao ever!  All Xiao Long Bao Fan had to go try to out at this place. I swear you won’t regret and you will beg to go back for more.. <3

Pizza Hut – 30th Anniversary

10 May

Dinner! It’s a special dinner as today marks Baby’s 1st freedom day as he had his last exam paper the night before. 🙂 YIPPIE! I make plans to bring him to the most significant Pizza Hut which is the Tampines Outlet for our dinner. (It’s so significant as this is the first restaurant we had our dinner tgt when we knew each other. =X )

I suggested this place after reading all the bloggers’ blog mentioning about Pizza Hut’s New Menus for celebrating their 30th Anniversary..

Their new Menu really look so much nicer compared to the old one.. it’s time for a good change!

Baby’s face on top of the 2 cups. HAHA!

This one is funny! He purposely do this and insisted me to take a photo for him! HAHAHA!

Finally a decent soft drink shot!

Mushroom Soup is a MUST since I’m such a mushroom soup FAN!!! I must say the Mushroom soup is different compared to the usual one. The usual one is white creamy color and you won’t see so much of mushroom but this new Mushroom soup is more browny in color and you can see more mushroom. 🙂 But seriously, I think I still love the usual one compared to this new one. =(

Mushroom Soup Mushroom Soup

2 drinks and Mushroom soup

Baby’s Main Course – Back pepper Chicken Steak

Chicken Steak

Side Dish – Calarami Rings (It’s also a must for me!)

Onion Rings

Pan Size – Crispy Thin Pizza – Meat Galore Flavor

Cheesy Mussel

Cheesy Mussel

Baked Beef Balls – It taste not bad but I think the IKEA one really taste the BEST OF ALL! 🙂

Cheesy Meatball

A great dinner with my love one to end my tiring working day.

MANICURE – Blue Gradient Using Makeup Sponge Trial 1

2 May

As far as I know, there are a lot of video out there in Youtube teaching you steps by steps how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure. Me as a manicure expert, of course I do have some things which I am uncertain about and at this point of time, I will approach YouTube to look for my answers. I found a couple of videos of teaching you how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure step by step.. After looking at the video, you have to hands on to practice them! If not, what’s the point of reading only.. 🙂

Some of the things you need :

Check out my awful and naked nails..

A closer look at my awful nails.. 🙁 No worries. Transformation is coming your way!

First, we need to apply this “Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment”.. This is quite good to apply to give your nails some moisturizing and keep them healthy.. It’s only less than S$25 if I’m not wrong.. Actually I purchase this way long ago.. You can easily purchased this at Watsons, BHG and anywhere which carry Sally Hansen Products..

Second, Apply Base Coat. I am using OPI Base Coat. It’s not very costly yet it’s very good. Do not use those Base Coat which is very cloudy/milky or very thickly and sticky. It’s best to use Base Coat which is liquid and not thickly.. OPI Base Coat I believed its retailed at $16+? Around that price point, not expensive though and I bought it from Sephora at ION.. You can purchase it from Sephora, BHG, or Nail Salon..

After Base Coat is dry, pick up the lightest color from the range which happen to be this Nail Polish from LA Splash Cosmetics, 12041 -Aqua Fusion. LA Splash Nail Polish is very cheap and good. It’s only S$9.90 and can be found everywhere, in selected Guardian Stores, Selected BHG Stores, selected Sasa Cosmetics Stores. If you do need to know where to purchase it, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will reply to them shortly..

The Aqua Fusion Nail Polish give you a feel of the baby blue manicure look. It’s very light and yet looking so gorgeous.

Next I will be using two OPI Colors.

On the left will be OPI – NL B70 Dating a Royal

On the right will be OPI – NL B61 OPI Ink

This is the trick, wait for your Baby Blue, Aqua Fusion to be dry first before doing this step, pour the Nail Polish on the paper and bring up a Makeup Sponge. Use a corner and dap the makeup sponge with the second darkest blue which is the “OPI – NL B70 Dating a Royal”. Slowly pick up bit by bit.. Use the makeup sponge and dap onto your nails, using less strength when you are at the midst of your nails and slightly harder and strong at the tips of the nails to make sure you have that gradient feel. Mine look kinda yucky but it’s ok.. (No worries, practice makes perfect)

Next, pour the darkest color “OPI – NL B61 OPI Ink” onto the paper just like this..

Like what I mentioned earlier, pick up with the Makeup Sponge. Your sponge will look something like this.

This time, don’t dap all the way to the middle of your nail plate, dap only 3/4 of the nail plate, you should only dap near the tip of the nail plate and not all the way till half of the nail plate.

Lastly, I used LA Splash Nail Polish 12087G – Sparkling Angel.

Same as previous, pour some of it at a white and clean paper, using a sponge and I also dap around 3/4 of the nail plate, almost at there you started your darkest blue color..

& TA~DANG, your Blue Gradient Manicure is DONE!! Although you can see the title of this post, it’s called Trial 1 so please do not criticized me saying its awful or etc.. as you can see, I am still leaning and practicing..

Hope you guys have fun playing and doing this Blue Gradient Manicure.. The trick is to use the lightest shade and paint your whole nail plate, followed by using a second darker shade and dap till the middle of the nail plate and then use the darkest color and dap only the 3/4 of the nail plate thus you will have that gradient feel.

~Have fun, babes~

Old Town

2 May

Today isn’t any ordinary Sunday for baby & I.. It’s a Sunday spent differently compared to other Sunday. 🙁 Baby is in his midst of exam therefore he decided to go back school on a Sunday afternoon to study for his exams papers. Of coz I scolded him & vented my princess anger.. but but but… after awhile I think about it and I think that I shouldn’t be selfish and I should let Baby Boy go back school early to study for his exam as it’s kinda crucial for him coz tis is his last & final yr in school 😀  (P/S: Last & Final year means he can spent more time with me & more shopping for us & maybe going to work together or dinner together on weekday!!!!! OMFG.. Once I start thinking of all this, I get so excited can! 😀 😀 😀 )

Ops. I think I kinda side-track a lil bit, coz title of this post is “Old Town”! Alright, back to where I was, baby had to go back school in afternoon so he suggested having lunch together outside then he will go back school straight. Of coz, I agree lah! =X Baby is always so thoughtful.. he suggested going to WhiteSands for lunch coz it’s more convenient for me and I don’t need to travel so far..  =) KUDOS TO BABY BOY!

We were deciding between Hong Kong Xin Wang Cafe, Burger King and Old Town and baby suggested we should try makan Old Town coz we never eat before.. so final decision is OLD TOWN!

The dishes in the Menu looks so yummy and giving us a hard time to decide what dishes to choose!

The Menu

See, I didn’t bluff you right? The photography skill of Old Town is AWESOME! It’s glossy and looking at the dishes alone can make you drool….

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Special

Our utensils

Baby ordered 3 mini Prata with Curry Chicken

Mini Roti Prata

Curry Chicken

Honestly, I don’t find the prata yummy. It’s think, yes but it’s not crispy at all and it just feel like it’s those frozen prata from supermarket. But curry was sill acceptable but very fragrance though….

Rating for 3Mini Prata & Chicken Curry : 2/5

Old Town Special Nasi Lemak

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Special

OMG! I was so shocked when this dish was placed in front of me coz SO MUCH CHILLI IN IT!!!!!  Esp the CHILLI OIL! OH GOSH! Rice was definitely a PLUS coz it’s very fragrance and chicken wing was damn awesome coz it’s so crispy, fresh and pipping hot! I didn’t enjoy the Ikan Bilis coz it’s the bigger type of ikan billis, whereas I prefer those smaller and crispier ones.  🙂 I know I’m fussy =X

Rating for Old Town Special Nasi Lemak : 3.5/5

Dessert was Ice Cream Toast(Single) – 1 type of ice cream only 🙁 Vanilla 🙁

Toast Bread with Vanilla Ice Cream

This dessert is quite nice I would say.. The bread is toasted till very crispy and ice cream is wooooo~ COLD. Combination of this 2 is FABULOUS!

Rating for Ice Cream Toast(Single) : 4/5

Soft-boiled Eggs

I only had a few spoons of half-boiled eggs and therefore I don’t think I should do the rating as it’s unfair and also we were talking non-stop till the soft-boiled eggs turned COLD ~

Anyway, just a little bit of Old Town, Old Town is from Malaysia and I believed it’s open from one of the Mediacorp Artist, Mark Lee..  Old Town is popular for it’s white coffee and they had their own bread, with their own Old Town Packaging and they had their own packaging for the coffee powder too and they do sell those coffee powder so if you love their coffee you can purchase their coffee powder and brew it at your own time. =) Check out their website here.

That’s all for Old Town and re-visit my blog more often and I am going to do food blog and give you my persoanl rating for all kinds of food from Japanese to Korean to Chinese or etc etc..

XOXO and so looking forward to plenty of PHs in the month of May!

Mini 7s Hello Kitty Polaroid with Princess Instax Films

1 May

If you had read my past entries, you would have read about this post whereby I mentioned that my baby bought me my dream – Hello Kitty 7s Polaroid Camera as my X’mas Present & 22nd Bday Present.. I’ve been super into Polaroid films after he bought me one & I been spending my salary on films & pens & albums and I just love spamming my Polaroid films and sometime I just forget that its actually approx $1.40/film… Anyway, put the money aside & let me share with you some of the Polaroid shots I took yesterday at NTU. I finally finished my Plain Films so I loaded in a new set of Princess Films. I swear, if you are a Princess Fan, you will find it super super ultimate gorgeous.. I go WOW & WOW every shot, looking at the Princess Polaroid Outer Frame makes me WOW & surprise..

This is the outer of the Princess Films Packaging:

1st Shot – Blue Cinderalla

2nd Shot – All the Princess

How’s the Princess Films? So far I have use 3 out of 10 films and I love them so much.. I bought this films from this blogspot Caramelosinstax and you may click here to get to their Instax Films page. This Princess Films cost $15 and I find it rather cheap and reasonable thus I bought from this seller.. Delivery was fast & it was all well-bubbled wrap.. =)

XOXO Princess Films

Company Lunch @ China Square, Aglio Olio

15 Apr

It’s sort of the last day of my part-timers so I suggested to have lunch with the part-timers as a farewell lunch and celebration & of coz thanks for their help so far.. SO Boss suggested Lunch at Aglio Olio @ China Square. I tell you, this the only place where I will eat Pasta! Their pasta is so so so delicious even the cream based one taste so good and not cheesy and creamy at all! Love it to the max!

Aglio Olio Menu The Pasta picture on menu makes me drool!

P/s : Just by looking at the Pasta Photo makes me drool!

Aglio Olio Menu

As I had a lil sore throat, thus I didn’t ordered my usual Bacon Garlic Fried Rice, I choose Cream Base Ham Pasta with Mild Chilli..

Cream Base Ham Pasta Closer pic of my Cream Base Ham Pasta, I choose mild spicy level btw! :)

Cesar Salad

Cesar Salad

Aglio Special Salad


Combo Set ( A Mix of Variety of Starters) – Sotong Ball, Onion Ring, Fries, Nugget

Combo Set - Variety of Mix

Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

Baked Cheesy Mussel

Baked Cheesy Mussel

We were served this serviette during our dine-in and & I think running an Ad on the serviette really is a good mindset as it will really reach out to alot of people! More advertising method coming up every now & then..

Serviette Ads - Clever Company

Lastly, I do hope my readers go to try the Pasta at Aglio Olio some day! You sure won’t regret it! <3


J’s Salon 25th Anniversary Dinner @ Goodwood Park Hotel

11 Apr

As a IBICA, Communications Manager Of course we had to attend our Corporate Member’s 25th Anniversary Dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel. We know the owner, June & Johnny and we work with them so closely thus they invited all our managers to the dinner! (YEAH! Of coz, my baby was invited too!)

Check out the awesome & super hard quality invitation card.

Most gorgeous invitation card I've receive so far. Excellent Quality too!


The photographers that nite is so efficiency, once photo is taken with their DSLR & the photos is immediately printed out in the small table nearby and the photos will come and look for you to pass you the photo! DAMN EFFICIENCY! Of coz, we grabbed the chance to took a few more photos 🙂

P/S : Alot of my friend and even my relatives, thought the above photo is my & baby ROM photo!! How can that be?!?!? 🙁

Anyway attire that nite was full formal or silver-ish attire and of coz I don’t have any silver-ish dress so I wore my formal dress. Sort of la. 😀

Not forgetting, me & baby cam`whore when we were in our HQ, waiting to go to go to Goodwood Park Hotel.. 🙂

Taken by my boos  🙂

Dinner was damn awesome as it’s my first time attending such a grand dinner and food was especially delicious too! 🙂

[HQ] 倪安東《Sorry That I Loved You》官方完整版MV

8 Apr

I attended the Singapore E Awards 2011 that was host last week by 100.3FM at Singapore Stadium and 倪安東 was one of the singer that appear in that Awards concert ceremony! (More pictures up soon, I promised coz it’s currently in the process of sorting them since my baby took photos that nite of all the artist and the concert and can u believe it?!?! He actually took photos up to 8GB where by his card was totally full and when we are near the end, his card show = “SD Card Memory FULL” DIAO! =.=! , so alot of sorting needs to be done before uploading or storing in my pink harddisk =D )

He sang this song that night and I find it so familiar coz I hard it before and after that nite, I swear I was so into this song. I can hear it over and over for the whole day and I don’t find it a nuisance. =) Sharing with my readers now.

[HQ] 倪安東《Sorry That I Loved You》官方完整版MV (Credits from Youtube – schunrui)

Company Lunch at Mouth Restaurant @ China Square

7 Apr

Again, company lunch at Mouth Restaurant at China Square 🙂

Roasted Pork Belly

Roasted Pork - Check out the BIG & THICK FATS in it!

Fried Prawn Dumpling

Fried Prawn Dumpling

Ha Gao

Ha Gao

1 Chicken – Mouth Restaurant Famous Chicken

Famous Chicken - 1 whole chicken

Xiao Long Bao


some biscuit & inside full of egg yolk – The egg yolk will just drool into your mouth once you have biten into the middle of it!

some biscuit & inside full of egg yolk - The egg yolk will just drool into your mouth once you have biten into the middle of it!

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Yang Zhou Chao Fan

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

We love the Dim Sum in Mouth Restaurant! 🙂

Mong Kok Dim Sum @ Geylang Lor 8

17 Mar

My Baby suggested to drive me to Mong Kok Dim Sum located at Geylang Lor 8 for our late dinner! He pampers me too much & loves me too much thus he insisted on bringing me go eat Dim Sum since he know it’s my favourite. 🙂 Parking is really an issue coz it’s so hard to find a parking slot! I don’t care, coz too famished so we just parked along the roadside with double yellow line and ran down to makan. 😛 Thank god no summon! 😛

The address of Mong Kok Dim Sum
214  Geylang Road (Lor 8 )

It’s open for 24 hours so you can go to makan with your friends even though it’s 3-4am in the early morning!

The road-side HUGE Lightbox Displaying the menu.

The Super HUGE Menu from Mong Kok Dim Sum!

This is the order form for you to tick and mark out those dishes you would like to order.

The out-door kitchen, whereby the staff warms up your Dim Sum when you had ordered them.

There’s way more food for us to choose from the huge & big menu!!!! Also, a lot of dishes to choose from and we didn’t know where to start ordering!  :)My Baby boy so greedy lah, he was like “Let’s order this, order this, order that….” So I was like “EH! Can you finish in the first place? Also, the food will be so cold by then coz all dishes will come at the same time!” So I STOPPED him from ordering so much so we started by ordering 8 dishes from the 1st 3 rows! Not forgetting to order Yuan Yang(cold) & it’s super awesome!!!! Let’s start our food photos RIGHT NOW~ ~

Butter Calarami

Butter Calarami Butter Calarami

Shredded Mango with Shrimp

Shredded mango with Shrimp

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Fried Shrimp Dumpling ( Baby Favourite!)

Mongkok Pork Dumpling

Mongkok Pork Dumpling

House Special Prawn Dumpling

House Special Prawn Dumpling

Scallop Dumpling

Scallop Dumpling

Hakka Tou-Fu

Hakka Toufu

Just all these dishes makes us SUPER SUPER FULL & I literally gave up and WAVE WHITE FLAG after eating these couple of dishes. 🙁 Total cost after adding 5dishes that we ta-pao for our family adds up to $47.20! On average, 1 dish cost $3-$4. But I wouldn’t say it’s over-rated coz it’s really very delicious! I will definitely go back again to eat the 2nd part of the menu, the last 3 rows of dishes from the menu!

Definitely will go back REAL SOON!