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Interesting quiz

21 Jun

As I was bored so I scrolled thru lovelove blog, & I came across a quiz tt she recommended: Try this I’ve done de quiz & tis my results: How will you choose your Mr Right? No matter how many men you have beating a path to your front door, when it comes to picking […]

I’m de Most Fortunate Princess on Earth

21 Jun

2day tis post, I’m gona specially dedicate to my beloved sotong baby!! My sotong baby surprises me wif 2 Singapore Flyers tix on 23Aug, 9pm! I’m god damn surprise lah.. & y tis special day leh, baby of coz gt his reasons for choosing tis particular date larx! hmm, I’m keeping it a secret for […]

More Earrings add on 2 my Collection

18 Jun

Oh god!If my sotong baby saw tt I didn’t blog for a few days he gona skin me alive sia.. haha! =X My ah yi bought me 3 pairs of earrings, 1 elephant keychain, 1 purplish-pink small pouch for me when she goes Bangkok for a holiday last wk! muacksssss to my ah yi.. she […]

Lucify Photos

16 Jun

There are far too much photos for me to choose to upload & show you guys!so lazy 2 upload so many as my “Aunt” jux visited me so I’m so tired! haha.. sum nice pics I’ve choosen to show you guys! ENJOY! Shinya: Kelvin: Misaki (sotong loves him!): Kuek: Vic: LUCIFY: me & Lucify: me […]

Lucify Performace

14 Jun

oh my god, aft so long I finally gt 2 c Lucify LIVE again..Shall start by telling everyone my wonderful, lovely breakfast eaten wif sotong at Tampines Burger King, took train down to Chinatown coz Lucify having its own performance LIVE at Chinatown Point at 1pm.. HENG! we reach dere abt 1215pm onli.. PHEW! Bought […]

My First Post

10 Jun

PrincessPinky here 2 start off my new blog wif my very own post! All thanks for sotong for giving me tis blog 2 use!

Hello princesspinky!

8 Jun

Miss pampered. Welcome to your new website with the utmost pink indulgence.  This theme has got your character to suit you =)  By the way, I wanted you to shift over to this new website so that you can have better functionality control over your pages (I know you might not need it now but […]