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30 Aug

I was involved in iBiZa2008 on 30Aug, Saturday 🙂 sorry for de late update as I’m so lazy to blog & lots of photos to sort.. went office early in morning, all promoters was dere(except Wendy barbie doll 🙁 ) so we ate SubWay for breakfast before leaving office ard 10plus.. Split in 2 cars […]


27 Aug

Started my day so boring as usual, den left my cosy hse ard 4pm & took a train down all de way to Jurong East to meet baby for dinner.. Its was a last min decision to watch Wall-E 😀 but this show is quite nice I would sae, Rating will be 4/5. de movie […]

Day out wif QinQin

26 Aug

Meet up wif qin qin today coz she gotta buy a present for her daddy, meet ard 12plus at Outram & we went Farrer Park dere & walk over to Mustafa 😀 bought de present fast so we decided to took train down to Dhoby Gauht shop ard in Plaza Singapura & had our lunch […]

Day out wif mummy

25 Aug

Went out gai gai wif my dearest mummy, & we buys lots of things hm.. heex! Bought a new shorts from Ck at 14.90$ A Halter Neck Strawberry top for 10$: New bling~bling tube: New heels: & i bought mummy 2 jeans too! I LOVE MY MUMMY!!!!

Korea- Fireworks + Singapore Flyer

23 Aug

Woke up & gt ready 2 go out! WOOOHOOO! Princess loves Saturday coz its Princess Day!!! 😛 meet baby abt 1plus & we took train down to Plaza Singapura, had our quick lunch at Carl’s Jr, Carl’s Jr isme & baby de all time favourites coz we loves tis: hahahaha! make a guess wad’s inside […]

New pretty manicure

22 Aug

wakeup ard 10plus today & went out wif mummy.. bought a new pretty top & headed back hm ard 2plus, started do my manicure til like from 330pm – 5pm.. so kua zhang can! hahaha. of coz ma coz muz make pretty pretty mah.. =X Apparantly, my uploader had sum problem so unable to post […]

I’ve Received my driving license

21 Aug

I’ve finally received my driving license!!! YIPPIE!!! Wen out to my ah ma hse & had family reunion at bedok cofffee shop for dinner wif cousins etc.. 😀 i left ard 6pm & took train over to tanah merah platform.. sorry hui hui mei let u wait so long 🙁 den something embarrassing happen.. shall […]


20 Aug

Oh God! I’ve finally ended my exams! hmm, *count* i ended all 5papers man! Like finally can.. & aft exam went down Bugis to meet baby & had our dinner together & walk ard & YES!!! took neoprints once again.. its been long since we last took one so decided to took one.. keke! & […]


18 Aug

I know someone’s being out there labelling me.  I’ll just make do with it for the time being till she simmers down.  On a smaller note: I went to the police station yesterday to make a report of the anonymous caller/sms sender and the shoutbox tagger.  I know the person who did it and Im […]

Yummy Ice Cream~

15 Aug

2day had my 3rd paper, which is MCOM ended de paper ard 4plus & aft tt me, rou & gang stand at Lvl 1 Foyer of SB & watch de Table Tennis of Olympics Female.. so exciting can! =X den watch till like 450pm & we start walking to Dover mrt 2 take train, i […]