Archive | February, 2009

New BANG & baby new hair color!

28 Feb

2day meet baby boy ard 9plus den we go over to pasir ris de hair salon in de hse fo rour new hair style! me decided to cut BANG again & baby dye his hair to a lighter shade of brown! ended everything ard 1plus & TA~DANG snap snap snap our new hair style while […]

Babes Nites

27 Feb

2day me super guai ok, din slack at hm de whole day! HAHA! =P wokeup like 8plus in de morning den prepare etc.. den went over to splash office, had lunch wif colleagues. Lunch was definitely FABULOUS! wad could I expect more! de foood dere is definitely nice, & cheap, of coz u gota queue lah […]

Orchard & SP

26 Feb

went sch wif Rou Babe to collect IDA cert den wanted eat fish porrridge but it din open, so we ate tis instead: took a bus over to Orchard pei Rou Babe settled some stuff den we went shopping next! Far East Plaza again, & tis time round I saw a black dress tt I loves […]

Manicure & Pedicure

25 Feb

2day stayed hm, tired abt shopping & decided to do a brand new coat of mani & pedi! & Yes, me & baby had booked tix to Marley & Me on sat at GV Plaza, cant wait till den to watch tt movie! =) My fav brand for perfume, Escada has launched its new range, […]

A Day out wif Cousin

24 Feb

Its been long since we had a Cousin’s Day! =) meet up wif Wan Ting today! we meet at 1230pm, but she reach later! ahhaha! had Pepper lunch for lunch today. we had it at Shaw dere! Pepper Steak for de both of us, Eat plus chat till 2plus den we left for shoppping! 1st […]

YiQian Disney Land

23 Feb

Yi Qian Named Star Guest at Hong Kong Disneyland In the wee hours of the morning today, phones were ringing off the hook all over Hong Kong Disneyland. Reporters, Fans, and Park enthusiasts were all looking to find out more about Yi Qian, the most recent person to be named Star Guest at Hong Kong […]

19 yrs old-Teenage arrested for terrorist SMS hoax

21 Feb

OMG! If you have receive a sms saying abt Terrorist planning to plant a bomb at tt area, its a SCAM! dun ever belief & dun spread! =) tis guy is super bo-liao lor, makin everyone so gan chiong, so afraid for nothing! Anyway tis 19 yrs old guy has been arrrested! Read More news […]

Sakura Sakura Sakura

21 Feb

2day had dinner at a special place, TA~DANG!!! Yea! Its non other than Sakura at Orchard! =) wow! Pamper ourselves tt day so much, tt we ate ate ate non-stop! & me really needs to slim donw le sia! More dance dance coming in my way, I shldnt be lazy! =( After dinner walk-ed over […]

Chocolate Cornflakes & Santa Claus

20 Feb

Went to Simei, NTUC & shop for de ingredients needed to bake chocolate cornflakes. =) headed to hui hui hse, den baked inside her rm coz biscuit so hyper wen she saw me lah, makin me so scared! After 2 hrs, everythin is finally done & tasty! den ard 5pm, we left hse & train-ed […]

Hilarious Video

19 Feb

2day gona share a few video wif my readers! My latop has die on me & ITS GONE CASE!!!! no speaker, no sound, so PEK CHEK! Video 1: share by Rou babe! A lady making a big WA WA when she missed her flight lor! Source: Video 2: saw tis wen I was blog […]