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My Photo-shoot Day of Graduation Robe

31 May

Today is a busy day for me, wokeup early & bus-ed to baby hse to had lunch wif him, slack at his hse till 4pm den baby drove over to my hse, bringing along his FORMAL Shirt, DSLR, Flash,  Hair GEL =) Getting all prepared to do a photo-shoot for me @ my hse tis evening, as […]


30 May

Today since I’m nt gg to town area or gg shopping(coz baby wana rush his projs) so here I am using my own lappy at his hse. So I decided 2 blog my super over due pic: On 8th May(Friday), I left ofc early coz went for a 3D SHUGAR Manicure course wif my cousin, […]

YiQian Graduation Day

26 May

Oh my! I finally GRADUATED from Singapore Polytechnic on 26 May 2009 OFFICIALLY! =) My 3 years in poly was ended in a blink of my eyes. Just to recall, when I first receive the package of impt docs etc, I was still deciding if I shld accept the package, thanks god I accept it. […]

ULTRATUM’s STARS @ Plaza Sing Open Plaza Level 1, 4pm

24 May

OMFG, my blog is rotting to hell man, I’m super busy wif my work & everything. My life is change, no time to bog, no time to blog hop oso. =( wkend I also treasure de time wif my baby boy thus din haf time to sort my pics to blog. Very happening wk for […]

News @ Straits Times about Bubble Lift

7 May

OMG, was browsing online tis morning wen I working & I saw tis news! OMFG! I would love my future house to have a Bubble Lift, SUPER COOLZ! Read de entire news below : Bubble lifts in HDB blocks <!–10 min–> Glass lifts provide views of the outside, and are cheaper and faster to install By […]