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IBICA Beauty & Image Seminar

23 Jul

 Hi my fellow readers, some GREAT & exciting news to share with you. My 2 bosses from LA Splash has set up another association called “International Beauty & Image Consultants Association” (IBICA). There is a seminar cum Launching on 1st Aug 2009, Saturday. Check out below for more info.  INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY & IMAGE CONSULTANTS ASSOCIATION […]

Mummy Bday!

17 Jul

2day I taken Half day off (PM off) to accompany my mummy coz its her Bday! =) planned 2 bring her go eat porridge buffet so brought her to Marina Square Hotpot Culture for lunch, Porridge Buffet. 1 person for 8.90++, after 17%, is $9.30 each i think! =) Mummy loves de food, wonderful, not […]

Monkey & Piggy

13 Jul

okay, tis post is written for my lovely boy! =) Basically, I miss him badly, JUST ONE DAY!!! I’m so used to have him right beside me EVERYDAY, from like monday to friday & he goes work wif me, knock off wif me, eat lunc, dinner, breakfast wif me! & tis wk from 13th – […]

Dinner wif my sec sch babes!

13 Jul

If u realised I havent been blogging for 1 wk tt coz, my company computer has been down, seriously down after baby left for camp for 1 wk! DAMN Computer broke down at tis time & thus no one to save my computer & thus during office hours i gotta use SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING! […]

Shopping & WORK

11 Jul

Thou its saturday, supposedly no work, but dere is a last min thing & its URGENT so boss called me & thus, me & baby rushed over to office. =( work frm 1pm – 4pm! 🙂 After work went Vivo City shopping for a while & guess wad I saw, I saw DIVA SALES @ […]

Over-due Post

4 Jul

28 June 2009 (Sunday) Despite my leg injury, I still insisted to go Best of Blogshops to take photos of their shop. Best of Blogshops is a new shop located at Far East Plaza Level 4.From de names of de shop, you can roughly guess what they sells. They sells de most famous online blogshops stuffs […]

My New Lovely Pink Bear

4 Jul

Baby bought me a new PINK BEAR tis afternooon. =P coz i haf a “Princess Temper” tis morning thus,I demanded a new BEAR wen he comes visit me tis afternoon, =D Baby boy so gd, he realli go all de way to find me a bear even thou de weather is raining.  🙂 LOVES! de […]


3 Jul

I’ve beeen watching Ultimatum everyday. I love FANN especially! <3 !!! I love de theme song too. & yes, I always loves Linkin Park coz of their ROCK SONG! I hereby shares wif u their new song, NEW DIVIDE. Its de song for de movie, TRANSFORMER!! New songs from Wilbert Pan & AKON – Be […]