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Me & Sister Date

27 Aug

Yesterday, I meet my long lost sister, Deniscia for dinner @ White Sands, Xin Wang HK Cafe! =) Kudos! Lots of hugs wen I see her, I felt so relax and happy 2 c her again! We had dinner dere and chit chat session from 7pm – 8.45pm! =) Not forgetting to leave de mall […]

Plaza Sing & Suntec City

15 Aug

Its wkend again! Weekend has ALWAYS been my fav days of de week coz I gotta go shopping wif my boy & most importantly, spent some precious time wif my boy! Tis time round, baby gt a photshoot in de morning for his sch pagent thingy, so i get to slp more of my beauty […]

Super Over-due posts

6 Aug

25 July 2009 (Saturday) Meet baby & lydia sis for lunch at Marina Square foodcourt. We shared curry chicken & ordered 2 rice. Miss those days where we wil ordered a claypot of curry chicken and we ordered 2 rice to share! =) Baby ordered Korean food! =) Yummy! After a quick lunch, we rushed […]

IBICA Seminar Pics & Baby 2nd Day Celebration

2 Aug

Yesterday IBICA Seminar went well. =) Practice makes perfect. 🙂 Anyway I snap 2 pic wen I was in de posh toilet. I hardly gt time 2 take out camera during de seminar coz was running ard. Some of de stuffs in de goodies Bag: Coming up next will be gifts tt Baby bought for […]

Baby Boy 24th SURPRISE Celebration

1 Aug

2day is my boy 24th Birthday! =) In the morning, gota wakeup lik 7.30am coz my company laucnh tis IBICA association & today is de first seminar & de launching day so we gota go help out! =) Prepare etc & left hse ard 9am! PHEW!!!! Wore my new tube dress tt i bought from […]