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F1 Race – Rehearsal

25 Sep

This yr 2009, F1 Race is de BIG WOW Event. 🙂 Of coz I always wanted to go watch F1 Race but de ticket is SO SO SO EXPENSIVE!!! Thus, it never crossed my mind to buy de ticket BUT BUT BUT…on 25Sept (Fri), baby was in my office working too den my boss, Joe […]

Swensen Ice Cream Mooncake

15 Sep

YES!! I guess u shld roughly know wad is de topic of de day! Its non other than Ice- cream mooncakes. I used to always fancy Haagen Dazs but every yr is my neighbour hu buy for me tt why i gotta enjoys! so tis yr i decided to pamper myself, mummy, baby & baby’s […]

THE Extraordinary Conference 09

12 Sep

BUSY BUSY & LONG DAY for us. Let me tel u where we go today & u’ll know. 🙂 Morning meet ard 1030am for Mcdonald Breakfast. Hot cake for him & Big Breakfast for me. After breakfast, we train-ed oveer to Suntec City for the IT Fair. Nowadays de train seems like s o long […]

Apple Iphone 3GS – 16GB Arrival

12 Sep

2day my new phone finally arrives @ baby’s hse. Its a hse delivery by Singtel btw! 🙂 Baby is so sweet to skip sch & wait at hm for my new phone arrival!!! FINALLY 4plus, de phone arrived & he carried tt phone and rushed over to my workplace to find me. I treat him […]

Michele Bday

9 Sep

I noe tis post is super super outdated, its like 20days ago! =) I still remember we went to celebrate for Michele Bday @ Central WARAKU! =) Yummy! I loves jap food much. <3 Photos: The food we ate: If I not wrong, I ate Curry Beef Rice 😛 I guess so! hahaha. Tis is […]

New LA Splash Nail Polish Colors

8 Sep

Hi my fellow readers, yes!! I’ve been vanished n nt updating my site for nearly 2months!!! No worries, I’m here 2 give u an update of what you guys has lost so far. YES! u guys can roughly guess what is my main topic of de day. LA Splash has chosen a few new nail […]

A few outdated post =)

6 Sep

16 August 09 (Sunday) Baby’s family has a new member! Her name is non other than “Pillow”! Its a cutie small puppy. Its breed is maltese. =) YES, i’m terrified by dogs but i’m starting to love her coz she’s so cute & furly & so much like my soft toys at hm =X super […]