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Chingay Presents “City Alive”

20 Feb

Tis yr, we attended de biggest party of de year, Chingay presents “City Alive” at Pit Building on 20 Feb 2010. Ticket cost $15 wif a free drink. 🙂 Super annoying!!!!! everytime they didnt start on time! Like de ticket stated tt it will start at 10pm but we couldn’t enter till 11pm. Super duper […]

My 2 new softies – Melody & Hello Kitty

20 Feb

I suddenly craves to go Plaza Singapura. 😛 Its a bad sign coz it means I want to go Arcade in Plaza Singapura and Baby gona prepare to spend a HUGE BOMB on me! Went in Plaza Sing and took de lift right to de arcade level den rushed in. I was super happy wen […]

Chinese New Year 2010

14 Feb

I’ve always love Chinese New Year since I was a kid. Collecting ang bao and wearing pretty going around to relatives house. I always make it a point to wear my nicest on Chinese New Year coz I want to b pretty & leave gd impression in my relatives mind.  🙂 Though I am 21 […]