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YOG – Merly & Lyo

29 Aug

YOG ( Youth Olympics Games ) have been going on for the past 2 weeks. It just past so super fast, without you knowing it has ended!!! I’m not really a fan of YOG as I hate sports. yes HATES sports coz I feel that in sports, there’s no nice clothes, no makeup during sports […]


29 Aug

I’m super glad that I FINALLY bought my first GUCCI Bag! I have always wanted to buy branded bag but have been saying for so many months. Tis time round, my cousin had cheap lobang at DFS thus she called me up after reaching DFS and baby boy was so gd to drive n chiong […]

First Experience eating Spanish Street Food – ALEGRO

10 Aug

Baby is so sweet to plan dinner after work! He usually don’t like to plan for dinner, shopping, places to go but today he’s such a deary to plan for dinner at somewhere near my office. He insisted on keeping it a secret and not tell me where is the place. Hold my sweet little […]