[HQ] 倪安東《Sorry That I Loved You》官方完整版MV

8 Apr

I attended the Singapore E Awards 2011 that was host last week by 100.3FM at Singapore Stadium and 倪安東 was one of the singer that appear in that Awards concert ceremony! (More pictures up soon, I promised coz it’s currently in the process of sorting them since my baby took photos that nite of all the artist and the concert and can u believe it?!?! He actually took photos up to 8GB where by his card was totally full and when we are near the end, his card show = “SD Card Memory FULL” DIAO! =.=! , so alot of sorting needs to be done before uploading or storing in my pink harddisk =D )

He sang this song that night and I find it so familiar coz I hard it before and after that nite, I swear I was so into this song. I can hear it over and over for the whole day and I don’t find it a nuisance. =) Sharing with my readers now.

[HQ] 倪安東《Sorry That I Loved You》官方完整版MV (Credits from Youtube – schunrui)

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