J’s Salon 25th Anniversary Dinner @ Goodwood Park Hotel

11 Apr

As a IBICA, Communications Manager Of course we had to attend our Corporate Member’s 25th Anniversary Dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel. We know the owner, June & Johnny and we work with them so closely thus they invited all our managers to the dinner! (YEAH! Of coz, my baby was invited too!)

Check out the awesome & super hard quality invitation card.

Most gorgeous invitation card I've receive so far. Excellent Quality too!


The photographers that nite is so efficiency, once photo is taken with their DSLR & the photos is immediately printed out in the small table nearby and the photos will come and look for you to pass you the photo! DAMN EFFICIENCY! Of coz, we grabbed the chance to took a few more photos 🙂

P/S : Alot of my friend and even my relatives, thought the above photo is my & baby ROM photo!! How can that be?!?!? 🙁

Anyway attire that nite was full formal or silver-ish attire and of coz I don’t have any silver-ish dress so I wore my formal dress. Sort of la. 😀

Not forgetting, me & baby cam`whore when we were in our HQ, waiting to go to go to Goodwood Park Hotel.. 🙂

Taken by my boos  🙂

Dinner was damn awesome as it’s my first time attending such a grand dinner and food was especially delicious too! 🙂

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