Company Lunch @ China Square, Aglio Olio

15 Apr

It’s sort of the last day of my part-timers so I suggested to have lunch with the part-timers as a farewell lunch and celebration & of coz thanks for their help so far.. SO Boss suggested Lunch at Aglio Olio @ China Square. I tell you, this the only place where I will eat Pasta! Their pasta is so so so delicious even the cream based one taste so good and not cheesy and creamy at all! Love it to the max!

Aglio Olio Menu The Pasta picture on menu makes me drool!

P/s : Just by looking at the Pasta Photo makes me drool!

Aglio Olio Menu

As I had a lil sore throat, thus I didn’t ordered my usual Bacon Garlic Fried Rice, I choose Cream Base Ham Pasta with Mild Chilli..

Cream Base Ham Pasta Closer pic of my Cream Base Ham Pasta, I choose mild spicy level btw! :)

Cesar Salad

Cesar Salad

Aglio Special Salad


Combo Set ( A Mix of Variety of Starters) – Sotong Ball, Onion Ring, Fries, Nugget

Combo Set - Variety of Mix

Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

Baked Cheesy Mussel

Baked Cheesy Mussel

We were served this serviette during our dine-in and & I think running an Ad on the serviette really is a good mindset as it will really reach out to alot of people! More advertising method coming up every now & then..

Serviette Ads - Clever Company

Lastly, I do hope my readers go to try the Pasta at Aglio Olio some day! You sure won’t regret it! <3


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