MANICURE – Blue Gradient Using Makeup Sponge Trial 1

2 May

As far as I know, there are a lot of video out there in Youtube teaching you steps by steps how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure. Me as a manicure expert, of course I do have some things which I am uncertain about and at this point of time, I will approach YouTube to look for my answers. I found a couple of videos of teaching you how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure step by step.. After looking at the video, you have to hands on to practice them! If not, what’s the point of reading only.. 🙂

Some of the things you need :

Check out my awful and naked nails..

A closer look at my awful nails.. 🙁 No worries. Transformation is coming your way!

First, we need to apply this “Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment”.. This is quite good to apply to give your nails some moisturizing and keep them healthy.. It’s only less than S$25 if I’m not wrong.. Actually I purchase this way long ago.. You can easily purchased this at Watsons, BHG and anywhere which carry Sally Hansen Products..

Second, Apply Base Coat. I am using OPI Base Coat. It’s not very costly yet it’s very good. Do not use those Base Coat which is very cloudy/milky or very thickly and sticky. It’s best to use Base Coat which is liquid and not thickly.. OPI Base Coat I believed its retailed at $16+? Around that price point, not expensive though and I bought it from Sephora at ION.. You can purchase it from Sephora, BHG, or Nail Salon..

After Base Coat is dry, pick up the lightest color from the range which happen to be this Nail Polish from LA Splash Cosmetics, 12041 -Aqua Fusion. LA Splash Nail Polish is very cheap and good. It’s only S$9.90 and can be found everywhere, in selected Guardian Stores, Selected BHG Stores, selected Sasa Cosmetics Stores. If you do need to know where to purchase it, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will reply to them shortly..

The Aqua Fusion Nail Polish give you a feel of the baby blue manicure look. It’s very light and yet looking so gorgeous.

Next I will be using two OPI Colors.

On the left will be OPI – NL B70 Dating a Royal

On the right will be OPI – NL B61 OPI Ink

This is the trick, wait for your Baby Blue, Aqua Fusion to be dry first before doing this step, pour the Nail Polish on the paper and bring up a Makeup Sponge. Use a corner and dap the makeup sponge with the second darkest blue which is the “OPI – NL B70 Dating a Royal”. Slowly pick up bit by bit.. Use the makeup sponge and dap onto your nails, using less strength when you are at the midst of your nails and slightly harder and strong at the tips of the nails to make sure you have that gradient feel. Mine look kinda yucky but it’s ok.. (No worries, practice makes perfect)

Next, pour the darkest color “OPI – NL B61 OPI Ink” onto the paper just like this..

Like what I mentioned earlier, pick up with the Makeup Sponge. Your sponge will look something like this.

This time, don’t dap all the way to the middle of your nail plate, dap only 3/4 of the nail plate, you should only dap near the tip of the nail plate and not all the way till half of the nail plate.

Lastly, I used LA Splash Nail Polish 12087G – Sparkling Angel.

Same as previous, pour some of it at a white and clean paper, using a sponge and I also dap around 3/4 of the nail plate, almost at there you started your darkest blue color..

& TA~DANG, your Blue Gradient Manicure is DONE!! Although you can see the title of this post, it’s called Trial 1 so please do not criticized me saying its awful or etc.. as you can see, I am still leaning and practicing..

Hope you guys have fun playing and doing this Blue Gradient Manicure.. The trick is to use the lightest shade and paint your whole nail plate, followed by using a second darker shade and dap till the middle of the nail plate and then use the darkest color and dap only the 3/4 of the nail plate thus you will have that gradient feel.

~Have fun, babes~

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