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2 May

Today isn’t any ordinary Sunday for baby & I.. It’s a Sunday spent differently compared to other Sunday. 🙁 Baby is in his midst of exam therefore he decided to go back school on a Sunday afternoon to study for his exams papers. Of coz I scolded him & vented my princess anger.. but but but… after awhile I think about it and I think that I shouldn’t be selfish and I should let Baby Boy go back school early to study for his exam as it’s kinda crucial for him coz tis is his last & final yr in school 😀  (P/S: Last & Final year means he can spent more time with me & more shopping for us & maybe going to work together or dinner together on weekday!!!!! OMFG.. Once I start thinking of all this, I get so excited can! 😀 😀 😀 )

Ops. I think I kinda side-track a lil bit, coz title of this post is “Old Town”! Alright, back to where I was, baby had to go back school in afternoon so he suggested having lunch together outside then he will go back school straight. Of coz, I agree lah! =X Baby is always so thoughtful.. he suggested going to WhiteSands for lunch coz it’s more convenient for me and I don’t need to travel so far..  =) KUDOS TO BABY BOY!

We were deciding between Hong Kong Xin Wang Cafe, Burger King and Old Town and baby suggested we should try makan Old Town coz we never eat before.. so final decision is OLD TOWN!

The dishes in the Menu looks so yummy and giving us a hard time to decide what dishes to choose!

The Menu

See, I didn’t bluff you right? The photography skill of Old Town is AWESOME! It’s glossy and looking at the dishes alone can make you drool….

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Special

Our utensils

Baby ordered 3 mini Prata with Curry Chicken

Mini Roti Prata

Curry Chicken

Honestly, I don’t find the prata yummy. It’s think, yes but it’s not crispy at all and it just feel like it’s those frozen prata from supermarket. But curry was sill acceptable but very fragrance though….

Rating for 3Mini Prata & Chicken Curry : 2/5

Old Town Special Nasi Lemak

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Special

OMG! I was so shocked when this dish was placed in front of me coz SO MUCH CHILLI IN IT!!!!!  Esp the CHILLI OIL! OH GOSH! Rice was definitely a PLUS coz it’s very fragrance and chicken wing was damn awesome coz it’s so crispy, fresh and pipping hot! I didn’t enjoy the Ikan Bilis coz it’s the bigger type of ikan billis, whereas I prefer those smaller and crispier ones.  🙂 I know I’m fussy =X

Rating for Old Town Special Nasi Lemak : 3.5/5

Dessert was Ice Cream Toast(Single) – 1 type of ice cream only 🙁 Vanilla 🙁

Toast Bread with Vanilla Ice Cream

This dessert is quite nice I would say.. The bread is toasted till very crispy and ice cream is wooooo~ COLD. Combination of this 2 is FABULOUS!

Rating for Ice Cream Toast(Single) : 4/5

Soft-boiled Eggs

I only had a few spoons of half-boiled eggs and therefore I don’t think I should do the rating as it’s unfair and also we were talking non-stop till the soft-boiled eggs turned COLD ~

Anyway, just a little bit of Old Town, Old Town is from Malaysia and I believed it’s open from one of the Mediacorp Artist, Mark Lee..  Old Town is popular for it’s white coffee and they had their own bread, with their own Old Town Packaging and they had their own packaging for the coffee powder too and they do sell those coffee powder so if you love their coffee you can purchase their coffee powder and brew it at your own time. =) Check out their website here.

That’s all for Old Town and re-visit my blog more often and I am going to do food blog and give you my persoanl rating for all kinds of food from Japanese to Korean to Chinese or etc etc..

XOXO and so looking forward to plenty of PHs in the month of May!

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