Pizza Hut – 30th Anniversary

10 May

Dinner! It’s a special dinner as today marks Baby’s 1st freedom day as he had his last exam paper the night before. 🙂 YIPPIE! I make plans to bring him to the most significant Pizza Hut which is the Tampines Outlet for our dinner. (It’s so significant as this is the first restaurant we had our dinner tgt when we knew each other. =X )

I suggested this place after reading all the bloggers’ blog mentioning about Pizza Hut’s New Menus for celebrating their 30th Anniversary..

Their new Menu really look so much nicer compared to the old one.. it’s time for a good change!

Baby’s face on top of the 2 cups. HAHA!

This one is funny! He purposely do this and insisted me to take a photo for him! HAHAHA!

Finally a decent soft drink shot!

Mushroom Soup is a MUST since I’m such a mushroom soup FAN!!! I must say the Mushroom soup is different compared to the usual one. The usual one is white creamy color and you won’t see so much of mushroom but this new Mushroom soup is more browny in color and you can see more mushroom. 🙂 But seriously, I think I still love the usual one compared to this new one. =(

Mushroom Soup Mushroom Soup

2 drinks and Mushroom soup

Baby’s Main Course – Back pepper Chicken Steak

Chicken Steak

Side Dish – Calarami Rings (It’s also a must for me!)

Onion Rings

Pan Size – Crispy Thin Pizza – Meat Galore Flavor

Cheesy Mussel

Cheesy Mussel

Baked Beef Balls – It taste not bad but I think the IKEA one really taste the BEST OF ALL! 🙂

Cheesy Meatball

A great dinner with my love one to end my tiring working day.

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