Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard

11 May

Recently, you will see alot of website such as Big Deals, Groupon selling vouchers for super cheap prices and of course I was tempted to buy this voucher for this Chinese Restaurant which is famous for it’s Xiao Long Bao. It’s non other than Paradise Dynasty located at Ion.

This is the address:
2 Orchard turn, #04-12A
Ion Orchard

I don’t think reservation over the phone in advance is allowed.. You will need to take a queue no at the counter in front of Paradise Dynasty and tell them table for 2? 4? After that, they will issue you a queue no and you will wait patiently for your no to be shown on the screen. Just to inform you, they don’t go by ascending no, your queue will be called based on the number of pax you had.  For tbale of 2, of course it’s so much faster compare to a big group. Average waiting is about 30-45 mins for a weekday, weekend I think you will need to wait for an 1 hr at least. Just an advise, you should AVOID Lunch n Dinner crowd.


2 Cups of Chinese tea. They have a China Guy who will holds a small kettle and pours the Chinese Tea with a Super long long pipe and Baby claims that he look like he’s peeing.. DAMN ER XIN la..  There’s only 1 of this guy everyday so if you want him to pour you your Chinese tea just like peeing, then wait patiently for him.

We ordered the colorful Xiao Long Bao since it’s their specialty.. 🙂 There’s Ginger, Cheese, Garlic, etc etc.. I love quite a few flavours and cant really make up my mind which one is my BEST FAVOURITE!!

8 colors Xiao Long Bao

Rating for Colorful Xiao Long Bao : 4.5/5

My 2nd favourite – Quo Tie. I seriously you should try their Guo Tie as it’s so yummy and full of soup in it. Crispy and small but soup is damn shiok!

Pork Guo Tie

Rating for Guo Tie : 4.5/5

Char Siew Bao – I’m always not a fan of bao so I didn’t eat it! baby had it and I only had a mouthful 🙂

Char Siew Bao

Sliced Pork La Mian – Noodles is nice, springy and soup based is awesome too coz as it has pork flavor in it. Egg is a PLUS. It’s those japanese soft eggs. You should ordered another serving if you love Japanese Soft Egg. 🙂

Slice Pork La Mian

Rating for Guo Tie : 4/5

Drunken Chicken – YUCKS! DAMN BABY ordered this and the beer in it is so so so super strong! I had a mouthful and feel so awful, feel like vomiting coz of the overwhelming smell plus the very cold chicken. I had another mouthful and it was even even most! DMAN IT! I seriously feel like vomiting out my whole xiao long bao and it just upset my stomach so much 🙁


Some Onion with veg dish. I had an upset stomach and thus I didn’t feel like eating tis 🙁

I Mad love Paradise Dynasty and I seriously can go back DAILY to eat the Xiao Long Bao although  know it’s super fattening! But’s the best Xiao Long Bao ever!  All Xiao Long Bao Fan had to go try to out at this place. I swear you won’t regret and you will beg to go back for more.. <3

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