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Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard

11 May

Recently, you will see alot of website such as Big Deals, Groupon selling vouchers for super cheap prices and of course I was tempted to buy this voucher for this Chinese Restaurant which is famous for it’s Xiao Long Bao. It’s non other than Paradise Dynasty located at Ion. This is the address: 2 Orchard […]

Pizza Hut – 30th Anniversary

10 May

Dinner! It’s a special dinner as today marks Baby’s 1st freedom day as he had his last exam paper the night before. 🙂 YIPPIE! I make plans to bring him to the most significant Pizza Hut which is the Tampines Outlet for our dinner. (It’s so significant as this is the first restaurant we had […]

MANICURE – Blue Gradient Using Makeup Sponge Trial 1

2 May

As far as I know, there are a lot of video out there in Youtube teaching you steps by steps how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure. Me as a manicure expert, of course I do have some things which I am uncertain about and at this point of time, I will approach YouTube to […]

Old Town

2 May

Today isn’t any ordinary Sunday for baby & I.. It’s a Sunday spent differently compared to other Sunday. 🙁 Baby is in his midst of exam therefore he decided to go back school on a Sunday afternoon to study for his exams papers. Of coz I scolded him & vented my princess anger.. but but but… after awhile I […]

Mini 7s Hello Kitty Polaroid with Princess Instax Films

1 May

If you had read my past entries, you would have read about this post whereby I mentioned that my baby bought me my dream – Hello Kitty 7s Polaroid Camera as my X’mas Present & 22nd Bday Present.. I’ve been super into Polaroid films after he bought me one & I been spending my salary […]

Company Lunch @ China Square, Aglio Olio

15 Apr

It’s sort of the last day of my part-timers so I suggested to have lunch with the part-timers as a farewell lunch and celebration & of coz thanks for their help so far.. SO Boss suggested Lunch at Aglio Olio @ China Square. I tell you, this the only place where I will eat Pasta! […]

J’s Salon 25th Anniversary Dinner @ Goodwood Park Hotel

11 Apr

As a IBICA, Communications Manager Of course we had to attend our Corporate Member’s 25th Anniversary Dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel. We know the owner, June & Johnny and we work with them so closely thus they invited all our managers to the dinner! (YEAH! Of coz, my baby was invited too!) Check out the […]

[HQ] 倪安東《Sorry That I Loved You》官方完整版MV

8 Apr

I attended the Singapore E Awards 2011 that was host last week by 100.3FM at Singapore Stadium and 倪安東 was one of the singer that appear in that Awards concert ceremony! (More pictures up soon, I promised coz it’s currently in the process of sorting them since my baby took photos that nite of all […]

Company Lunch at Mouth Restaurant @ China Square

7 Apr

Again, company lunch at Mouth Restaurant at China Square 🙂 Roasted Pork Belly Fried Prawn Dumpling Ha Gao 1 Chicken – Mouth Restaurant Famous Chicken Xiao Long Bao some biscuit & inside full of egg yolk – The egg yolk will just drool into your mouth once you have biten into the middle of it! […]

Mong Kok Dim Sum @ Geylang Lor 8

17 Mar

My Baby suggested to drive me to Mong Kok Dim Sum located at Geylang Lor 8 for our late dinner! He pampers me too much & loves me too much thus he insisted on bringing me go eat Dim Sum since he know it’s my favourite. 🙂 Parking is really an issue coz it’s so […]