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MORE Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear

11 Mar

As my royal readers, you guys should have known that I do LOVE, ADORE my baby boy catching those softies from Arcade such as Prize Stage etc etc. I LOVES HATES hugging a softies home from Shopping Centre! It’s just a regular Friday such that my boy fetches me from my Chinatown MRT Station =) […]

Valentine Day 2011

14 Feb

OMG! I think I will never ever forget this Valentines’ Day! I specially took an off day to celebrate this special day on the calendar and guess what?!?!?! At 4am, I was awake by a terrible stomache… Rushed to toilet & I sat in the toilet bowl for nearly 1 HOUR! I swear I’m not […]

PrincessPinky 22nd Bday Cake

2 Jan

*woots* It’s PrincessPinky’s 22nd Birthday today! This year I’m pretty lucky that my birthday falls on a Sunday. Started a day with a surprised cake by my mommy. She was so sweet to go Tamp 201 Prima Deli and bring the cake back to hide in the fridge. She never thought that I will have […]

Christmas Presents 2010

25 Dec

I shall let the photos do the talking today as I’m pretty tired to blogged about my Christmas! :0 nothing really exciting, just spent the Christmas at my relatives house.   🙂 Hello Kitty Organiser from Mummy Dress from Wan Ting GUESS WristBag from Michele Hello Kitty Cushion from Sheena CLINQUE Lipgloss from Jesline & […]

Chinese New Year 2010

14 Feb

I’ve always love Chinese New Year since I was a kid. Collecting ang bao and wearing pretty going around to relatives house. I always make it a point to wear my nicest on Chinese New Year coz I want to b pretty & leave gd impression in my relatives mind.  🙂 Though I am 21 […]

3 years Anniversary with Baby Phusion

29 Jan

On this special day, 29 January 2010, it marks our 3 years relationship tgt wif Baby Phusion. I ttok an off day to celebrate while he skip sch to celebrates. =P We decided to slit the day into 2 and each of us plan half the day. Of coz, me the clever princess took the […]

My 21st Birthday Party on 2nd January 2010

2 Jan

I have been procastating & nt blogging 🙁 Let’s talk about my 21st Birthday! OMG! I feel myself very old lor, suddenly get a 2 in front of my age. I couldn’t slp on de day before n probably left hse ard 5pm on 2nd January. Went whitesands to meet my lydia sis & Jia […]

New LA Splash Cosmetics – Nail Art Glitter

21 Nov

Wooohooo! My boss came back from Hong Kong Cosmoproof 2009 and this time round she cameabck with something I LOVES!!!! Apparently, LA came up with this Nail Art Glitter and its selling in LA now. It has a mixture of huge glitters and small fine glitters. This kind of glitter can only be used on […]

Friday Dinner wif baby boy at Tamp1 MANPUKU

21 Nov

Time flies. with a blink of eyes, it is another FRIDAY already. I’ve always look forward to friday as i means the start of the happy weekend and plus plus I will get to see my baby boy AGAIN! This feeling is like the book-out day for baby boy when he was in army(which is probably […]

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary – Kitty Lab @ Expo

14 Nov

Aww! Baby was so sweet to accompany me to the Kitty Lab on 14 Nov 2009 (Saturday). We book the 1pm-3.30pm session and the total price for both of us is $65.80. (Thank god we I’ve always keep GV Tickets as we r entitled to a 20% off) YAWNSSS!!! When baby first tells me that to wakeup […]