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MANICURE – Blue Gradient Using Makeup Sponge Trial 1

2 May

As far as I know, there are a lot of video out there in Youtube teaching you steps by steps how to do a DIY Gradient Manicure. Me as a manicure expert, of course I do have some things which I am uncertain about and at this point of time, I will approach YouTube to […]

New LA Splash Cosmetics – Nail Art Glitter

21 Nov

Wooohooo! My boss came back from Hong Kong Cosmoproof 2009 and this time round she cameabck with something I LOVES!!!! Apparently, LA came up with this Nail Art Glitter and its selling in LA now. It has a mixture of huge glitters and small fine glitters. This kind of glitter can only be used on […]

New LA Splash Nail Polish Colors

8 Sep

Hi my fellow readers, yes!! I’ve been vanished n nt updating my site for nearly 2months!!! No worries, I’m here 2 give u an update of what you guys has lost so far. YES! u guys can roughly guess what is my main topic of de day. LA Splash has chosen a few new nail […]


30 May

Today since I’m nt gg to town area or gg shopping(coz baby wana rush his projs) so here I am using my own lappy at his hse. So I decided 2 blog my super over due pic: On 8th May(Friday), I left ofc early coz went for a 3D SHUGAR Manicure course wif my cousin, […]

My Lovely Babes & Shop-A-Holic

25 Apr

A few days ago, bought tis from Marina Square Atrium: PS: its always so SINFUL to work in ATRIUM coz u wil tend to spent more at other things u saw dere! 🙁 Anyway, work up damn early coz super happpy I can go shopping wif baby boy again coz 1) baby boy ends his […]

Tampines One & Glitter Nails

10 Apr

As I’ve said in de earlier post, I’m involved in the Marina Square Atrium from 10th – 26th April, I prepared by doing Glitter Nails. If you dont noe, our SPLASH Glitters is so fine that u can do Glitter Nails, apply on ur eye lid, hair, face, body etc! Check out my Glitter Nails: […]

Sweety Me + Adeline Babe Bday Party

27 Mar

Finally its Friday & wkends is coming! =) Super Happy! 2day after work, me & baby is gg to Adeline Hse at katong dere for her Bday Party. Ops! de exact location is “The Esta(Amber Garden) Poolside Club House”. I ask baby wad to wear & he wants me to wear de blue silky dress […]

Stars & Hearts

22 Mar

2day I finally had de time to sleeeep till late morning, ard 11plus den soooon baby called me & we meeet up at Tampines 201 for lunch, we had his favourite Duck Rice wif super lots of chilli & we order some “Nor-Hiong”: After lunch, walk over to baby hse den he do his stuff […]

Westlake & New Manicure

18 Mar

I shall start off my post wif a new photo of my new manicure: I gona blog more & show u more of SPLASH new colors for nail polish, so stay tuned for more colors! As usual, I was super early for work & I dont haf key so wad can I do wen I […]