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Chingay Presents “City Alive”

20 Feb

Tis yr, we attended de biggest party of de year, Chingay presents “City Alive” at Pit Building on 20 Feb 2010. Ticket cost $15 wif a free drink. 🙂 Super annoying!!!!! everytime they didnt start on time! Like de ticket stated tt it will start at 10pm but we couldn’t enter till 11pm. Super duper […]

F8 – Hello Kitty Go Races

13 Sep

Went to TP tis afternoon wif baby as he wanted to revise his hw & TP was de only place wif de quiet environment for psp to study! 🙂 I played my psp during tt time. Went to baby hse ard 3pm & had our magee mee for late lunch! & leave baby hse wif […]

Splash Girls Out

10 Sep

Wakeup damn early today, abt 745am =X YAWNS! Bathe, Prepare & *vroooom* off I leave de hse ard 850am & I began my journey to sch today! I simply hate 2 wait for de buses at my hse downstairs lar, super long can! As people been saying, we should spent our time wisely so I […]

Lucify Photos

16 Jun

There are far too much photos for me to choose to upload & show you guys!so lazy 2 upload so many as my “Aunt” jux visited me so I’m so tired! haha.. sum nice pics I’ve choosen to show you guys! ENJOY! Shinya: Kelvin: Misaki (sotong loves him!): Kuek: Vic: LUCIFY: me & Lucify: me […]