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New LA Splash Cosmetics – Nail Art Glitter

21 Nov

Wooohooo! My boss came back from Hong Kong Cosmoproof 2009 and this time round she cameabck with something I LOVES!!!! Apparently, LA came up with this Nail Art Glitter and its selling in LA now. It has a mixture of huge glitters and small fine glitters. This kind of glitter can only be used on […]

IBICA Beauty & Image Seminar

23 Jul

 Hi my fellow readers, some GREAT & exciting news to share with you. My 2 bosses from LA Splash has set up another association called “International Beauty & Image Consultants Association” (IBICA). There is a seminar cum Launching on 1st Aug 2009, Saturday. Check out below for more info.  INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY & IMAGE CONSULTANTS ASSOCIATION […]

Company BBQ

19 Jun

Today is company bbq, all of us work half day & went to our BBQ to East Coast Park. =) FUN FUN, me & boy went swimming while de rest went cycling =) Pictures:

Lunch @ CENTRAL & Dinner Gathering wif SimplyHelp

30 Apr

2day was having a farewell lunch for Trang coz she’s leaving de company as she gg further studies oversea 🙂 I wished her all de best! Boss drove me, Michele, Maria, Eric, June, Trang over to CENTRAL for lunch.  Settled @ tis Japanese Restaurant. Meanwhile, snap photos outside de restaurant. After waiting for abt 15mins, […]

Swensen for Dinner

25 Mar

YAWNS! its early morning of a Wednesday & I’ve been thinking wad to wear for de day & decided to wear tis t-shirt bought by baby boy 2wks ago at his sch bazaar! * u muz b wondering y baby boy buy me tis t-shirt its b’coz he noe I loves emo rock band & […]

Da Zui Ba Mini Concert at NTU

13 Mar

OMFG! Thanks baby for getting de tix for me! “Da Zui Ba”, is a taiwanese band group & I loves their songs! SO excited to c them later! 2 of my fav songs to share wif u from them! On A bigger note: IT Fair is from thu – Sun ( 12 April – 15April […]

A Date wif Lilian Babe

11 Mar

WOOHOOO~OO looking forward to tis day, wednesday coz my sweeety, lilian is coming to work! & thsu can c her, its beeen long since I last saw her as she’s busy wif her sch! =) I’m sorry din had lunch wif u, coz baby coming over thus I’m eating wif baby boy, he reach ard […]

A Meeting Over Lunch

9 Mar

2day we had weekly meeting from 10am till 12plus & dere we more stuffs to b discussed so boss suggested tt we shld have a meting over lunch as it lunch hour already! =) Headed to our usual, chinese restaurant, “Mouth Restaurant” at ChinaTown Point Level 2! Boss ordered a few dim sam dishes & […]

Wkend is getting closer

6 Mar

Finallly its FRIDAY! I can like finally feel de shopping feeling coming in! hahaha! & YES! wkend mooood is here! =) today I ate Prawn & Chicken Hor Fan tt has super long queue! yummmy & cheap! & yes, did a experiment a few days ago in office. we take 2 cups & pour in […]

Yam Paste

5 Mar

2day lunch wasn’t at downstairs hawker, instead, me & colleagues walk over to People Park Complex foodcourt for our lunch! =) Walk ard & de mixed rice, dishes caught my attention so I ordered! den walk ard & alot of bags caught my attention man! SHIT! I gt de urge to buy a new bag, […]