MORE Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear

11 Mar

As my royal readers, you guys should have known that I do LOVE, ADORE my baby boy catching those softies from Arcade such as Prize Stage etc etc. I LOVES HATES hugging a softies home from Shopping Centre! It’s just a regular Friday such that my boy fetches me from my Chinatown MRT Station =) He surprises me with a huge plastic bag from………………………….

Non Other than!!!

PRIZE STAGE! My fav hang out place in a mall!

I took a peek in the bag & I saw one TWO SOFTIES!

No. 1 – Hello Kitty!
Baby claims that he caught it with $6 only!

$6 Hello Kitty Caught by baby boy from JP Prize Stage

Check out my EMO Hello Kitty =(

My Hello Kitty looking EMO =(

No. 2 – Gloomy Bear
This is just so WOW, Baby says he caught this gloomy bear with just $1!!!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER UNLUCKY LUCKY MAN!!! He says that there’s a girl behind him with her bf & she just keeps hit her bf for not going to catch the gloomy bear for her since she saw baby caught it with just A DOLLAR!

$1 White Gloomy Boy caught by baby boy from JP Prize Stage! SO LUCKY!!!


Gloomy Bear

I love her paws! So cute!

Gloomy Bear

The TWO SOFTIES Group Photo

Hello Kitty & Gloomy Bear

Happy Princess since she had 2 new softies to join her big big happy family! =)

Post Valentine Day Present – Angry Birds Softies

9 Mar

Baby never fails to give me surprises after surprises! Went to VivoCity after our whole day at USS (Will blog an entry about USS after this entry). Baby insisted that we had to pop by Vivocity to collect my surprises before we head home. =P Heart itchy lah, coz don’t know what the surprises will be! He then bring me to this toy shop and he speaks to the owner softly.. The very next moment, the lady pass Baby a HUGE Plastic Bag & baby passed it to me and said “This is your surprise!”. I carried it and saw that it’s actually the Limited Edition Angry Bird Soft Toys! He bought me 1 x Red Angry Bird & 1 x Green Pig! He said he love the Green Pig coz it’s so cute but he’s afraid the Green Pig will be so lonely so he bought a red Angry Bird to accompany him! HAHA! So sweet of him eh! ย I cant stop exclaimed that they are so CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!

Group Photo of the Red Angry Bird & The Green Pig

Angry Bird & The Green Pig

The Red Angry Bird

Angry Bird


The Green Pig

Green Pig

HUGGING them while I’m watching tv!

1st Prawning Experience in my 22yr of life

5 Mar

Baby brought me to this place in Geylang which serves Zi Char at the back of the building and it had a Huge Indoor & Air-conditioned Prawning! Not only prawning, there’s still catching of frog, crab also! A lot of readers must be thinking how do I know about this place, it’s because it’s open by baby’s dad’s friend! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, the prawning place address is as follow:

Geylang Badmintion Association Court
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, #01-13, Singapore 399718(Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

We went on a Saturday evening around 6.30pm and the rate is 1hr for $15 (1 rod included but free-fold of bait for your prawns). Honest-speaking, I wouldn’t have gone to any fish-pond, prawn-pond because it’s so smelly, wet, DIRTY and a lot of mosquitoes and so outdoor and just YUCKS! But when baby boy bring me to this place, I think, hmm I can still accept it as the floor is not very wet, not outdoor, not very dirty & smelly and it’s air-conditioned so kinda okay for me to adapt..

Baby show me the way to put the bait on the hook and throw in the rod into the pond, so gross esp when putting the bait on the hook, thank god I had a super wonderful boyfriend who will help me do everything! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hold on to the rod and less than 5mins, we caught our 1st prawn!!!!! Beginner’s luck, he claimed!

That’s my baby boy holding on to our 1st caught prawn of the day!
P/S : Pardon us for the wrong attire to prawning as we were supposed to attend baby’s dad bday dinner at ECP, JUMBO thus it explains our dress but it was cancelled last min & changed to this place instead =( ย )

My prawn keep moves & jumps! Can’t get a gd picture with him! HMMPH!

Finally, after dozens of shots! A decent one! =)

So we continued putting another bait & continues to prawn, soon after baby’s family arrived and our 1hr is up also, therefore we end our prawning! We caught only 5 prawns in that hour =( Not a lot though. ย However, dinner at that zi char place was awesome! No pictures of the dinner as sis hadn’t upload those photos yet!

Till then, XOXO!


25 Feb


Valentine Day 2011

14 Feb

OMG! I think I will never ever forget this Valentines’ Day! I specially took an off day to celebrate this special day on the calendar and guess what?!?!?! At 4am, I was awake by a terrible stomache… Rushed to toilet & I sat in the toilet bowl for nearly 1 HOUR! I swear I’m not kidding u guys. I literally had diarrhoea throughout that hour ๐Ÿ™ Lie back on my bed ard 6am and my mommy applied some ointment oil on my tummy and feed me with some chinese diarrhoea medicine & soon I fall aslp & baby boy woke me up ard 10plus & I told him I had diarrhoea!!!! HE SAID HE HAS DIARRHOEA SINCE EARLY MORNING TOO!!! I also told him my legs and hands are so lethergic but he insisted that we will be late for his booking for my suprise and insisted me to wash up & dress up asap. ๐Ÿ™

I was like %&*^@*&#^(!#*(&()*() SO PAIN LEH. No choice, dress-up, slight make-up as my tummy was a real pain in the ass and wait for baby’s taxi to arrive below my blk. I was welcome in the cab by a bouquet of red roses from baby boy!

Cabby brought me to ECP, Pass suntec City & Pass Vivocity! Immediately I knew it’s somewhere near Sentosa! ย Then realised that Baby already pre-bought the tickets to USS & it cost him $132!! therefore, no matter how sick we are, we still have to dragged ourselves there. 1st thing when we reach USS was to rush to washroom! Entered USS and less than 5mins we looked for the nearest washroom AGAIN. Stomach was such a pain for me to walk but I still endure it as much as I can & we lasted 30mins in USS only and the scorching sun.. We gave up and left USS DISAPPOINTING and took a cab back to my hse here to see a doctor as we almost fainted at USS! ๐Ÿ™ Family Clinic was CLOSED and had to change clinic and it cost us freaking $41.70! Doctor say we had food poisoning.. Just as what we were suspecting. HAIZ. ย Doc say it’s kinda serious so gave ย us 3 days MC. ๐Ÿ™ JIALET! My job gona piled up at work ๐Ÿ™ Headed to our own home after doctor.

What a worst and memorable valentine day we had. Both having food poisoning, bought USS tickets but couldn’t go in for the whole day, both had the identical medicines and pay the same exact $ for doctor, both stayed hm and slp and recover. ๐Ÿ™

Breakfast at Chinatown Point Good Morning Cafe with Baby Boy

26 Jan

Nothing more romantic & sweet than this! My boy wake up real early to accompany me go work at Chinatown and we had our morning breakfast together at my favourite Good Morning Nanyang Cafe at Chinatown Point.

My Holicks & His Kopi-C
My Holicks & His Kopi-C

Our Half-boiled Eggs

The dark sauce & pepper for the Half-boiled Egg

Orange Ciabatta

Orange Ciabatta

My half-boiled Egg openned by my baby boy <3

Soft-boiled egg

Thick Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast - Oat bread

look at how my boy break open the half-boiled egg! Check out how much muscle he have to used to open the soft eggs! ๐Ÿ™ & of coz his exaggerating expression.

TAKE 1 - Check out how much energy baby exert on the soft-boiled egg to break them open. Hilarious.

PrincessPinky 22nd Birthday Presents.

2 Jan

OMG! This is my 1st year receiving presents ALL from Hello Kitty! I REALLY LOVE EACH & every presents specially chose by my love ones.

First – X’mas Present cum Bday Present from Baby Boy
Hello Kitty Poloraid Camera, Hello Kitty Poloraid Films, Pink Album
Polaroid Album - can contain 60 photos

Second – Bday Present from Mommy
Hello Kitty Full Set Bed Sheet, Hello Kitty Bolster, Hello Kitty Cup, Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket, Hello Kitty Pouch for My Poloraid Camera
HELLO KITTY Pouch to Fit my Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera

Third – A Bouquet of Red Roses from Baby Boy
A Bouquet of Red Roses

Forth – ย Bday Present from Michele(My Beloved Boss)
Hello Kitty Sweets

Fifth – Bday Present from Si Ling
Hello Kitty Wallet

Sixth – X’mas Present cum Bday Present from WanTing
Hello Kitty Wardrobe
OMG!! A Very lovely Hello Kitty Mini Waredrobe! OMG!! A Very lovely Hello Kitty Mini Waredrobe! OMG!! A Very lovely Hello Kitty Mini Waredrobe when it's open!

Seventh – Bday Present from Lilian
Necklace Sewing Machine watch from QUARTZ


PrincessPinky 22nd Bday Cake

2 Jan

*woots* It’s PrincessPinky’s 22nd Birthday today! This year I’m pretty lucky that my birthday falls on a Sunday. Started a day with a surprised cake by my mommy. She was so sweet to go Tamp 201 Prima Deli and bring the cake back to hide in the fridge. She never thought that I will have my nose signess on this special day. HAHA. OPS! ย I open the fridge without her knowing to get my medicine and *ops* I saw the cake in the fridge. HAHAHA. Of coz I’m such a gd liar so I told my mom I need the medicine and I’m in my room so can she bring it over for me. ๐Ÿ˜› She brought over to me, of coz! After the medicine, my mom brought out my birthday cake!

My Bday Cake from Prima Deli

HAPPY 22nd Birthday to the PRINCESS! <3

LA Splash Celebrates PrincessPinky 22nd Bday

31 Dec

It’s the last day of 2010 & it marks the last day of work before my birthday! ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I’m super excited since it’s just 2 days before my bday and before knocking off, ard 5.45pm my big boss suddenly shout to us and say “Come, Come, Immergency Meeting. Let’s meet for a while first before leaving the office on the last day of 2010!”. Of coz I was so busy doing the work on my hand and I was like ” HAIZ” meeting coz I wanted faster finish my work & leave early to go countdown at MBS!!

Without further ado, I grab my pen and notebook and walk into the closed door of the meeting room. Once I step into the dark, and closed door room, EVERYONE SANG BIRTHDAY SONG TO ME!!! I”M SO TOUCHED AND SHOCKED!!!

It’s really very sweet of them to buy a cake to secretive and celebrates it in advance for me! mad love <3

My lighted Birthday Cake (Blackforest) :

Princess making her wish now :

Princess blowing the candles :

Princess posing for PHOTO-TAKING!

Princess cutting cake :

Princess & BIG BOSS, Joe :

Princess & her boss & colleagues (From left : Michele(Sales & Marketing Manager), Me, June(Warehouse Supervisor)) ย :

I’m ending this sweet & lovely post with a photo of Princess & her lovely & delicious cake.

Christmas Presents 2010

25 Dec

I shall let the photos do the talking today as I’m pretty tired to blogged about my Christmas! :0 nothing really exciting, just spent the Christmas at my relatives house. ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Kitty Organiser from Mummy
Hello Kitty Organiser 2011 Hello Kitty Organiser 2011

Dress from Wan Ting

Cute Pink-Peach Tube top (BACK VIEW)Cute Pink-Peach Tube top (FRONT VIEW)

GUESS WristBag from Michele

Isetan Box.. Guess what's in there?GUESS Pouch GUESS Pouch

Hello Kitty Cushion from Sheena


CLINQUE Lipgloss from Jesline & Michelle


Body Shop LOVE Body Cream from Da Yi

LOVE Body LotionLOVE Body Lotion

Bag Organiser from Joselyn

Sweet Pink Bag Organiser Sweet Pink Bag Organiser

Makeup Pouch from Danica & Teresa

Lovely Pink Makeup PouchLovely Pink Makeup Pouch + Pink Nail Polish

Coin Pouch from Wan Ting

Pink Ribbon Coin PouchPink Ribbon Coin Pouch

Dark Chocolate Kit Kat & Pink Wrist Support from Mummy

Wrist Support + DARK CHOCOLATE Kit Kat Chocolate

Etude House Cupcake Eyeshadow from Lydia Sister

ETUDE HOUSESweet Eye CupcakeSweet Eye Cupcake Sweet Eye Cupcake

Fresh Mineral Makeup from IBICA X’mas Exchange


Pink Marshmallow Earphones from Joe(BIG BOSS)

Marshmallow JVC Ear pcs :)

Massage Book from Coach Luke

Quick & Easy 5min Massage